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Pay the IRS Pennies on the Dollar

    An "offer in compromise", may be an option for some taxpayers.  It is unique in that it only requires the desire of the taxpayer to end their IRS problems.    The taxpayer "offers" an amount that is less than what is actually owed.   That is why we say "pay the IRS pennies on the dollar".   However, not everyone can qualify.  Certain calculations are made based on a taxpayer's assets and income to determine if an amount less then what is owed can or should be offered.

    Once the offer is accepted by the IRS, any other debt remaining is no longer "owed" by the tax payer.  The taxpayer, however must stay in compliance with any other taxes or the IRS can cancel the accepted offer.  In the event that the taxpayer does not "qualify" for an offer in compromise, the tax payer may qualify for a payment plan.

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You may not have to pay the IRS the total of what they say is owed.

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