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Unfiled Tax Returns

Have you filed all of your tax returns to date? If you have fallen behind and have unfiled tax returns, the IRS may prepare a return for you.  An "SFR", ( Substitute For Return) is filed by the government, in the government's best interest.  

 For example: if the taxpayer is married, the government will automatically file the returns with the married filing separately status, which usually results in more taxes for the taxpayer.  You may also be entitled to certain deductions if you'd actually filed the return.  The government will not grant you the deductions on the "SFR" return.

If you have no records, (w-2's or 1099's etc...) we can obtain it, so you can file what we call an "SFR protest return". The "SFR protest return" replaces the "SFR" return when it is eventually filed.


KEY BENEFITS      We can obtain it, so you can file.

                    You may also be entitled to certain deductions.

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